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White Label Website Design and Development Services

White Label Website Design and Development Services
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You are constantly on the lookout for more work and business expansion, and do not know how to allocate the additional bulk of work among your current set of resources. And yet you need the job done as per your company’s standards to ensure your clients continue to boast about their association with your firm. You need help with on-time project submission and skilled resources to lend a hand in completing ongoing projects. You need a reliable company to partner with to meet your business needs. Welcome to White Label Website design and development services.

White Label or Reseller Partnership Program allows companies to partner with service providers on conditions of anonymity. The companies take help from vendors in completing web services for their end clients, either by completely outsourcing the work, or by hiring resources to complete the assignments. Once completed the web services are further resold under the brand name of the hiring company. So end clients do not know that the work was outsourced or done by another company.

How it works: Whenever there is a project requirement, the scope of work is forwarded to the White Label Partner, who analyzes the specifications and provides a cost estimate. The analyzed report includes a complete details of step by step development phase, time scale involved, milestones to track progress, and a tentative delivery date. Once approved, work begins on the project. There is an ongoing project status update submitted which the hiring company may share with the end client. Once the project is complete, the client sells it to his end client with his company’s brand name.

Sounds simple? Well it may not turn out to be as simple, if you are not certain about the right outsourcing partner.

First of all, it is important to verify the skill sets of the company. You may want to start with a small project to test their professional approach, attitude towards deadlines, client communication and status updates. If the provider is serious about a small job, you may well rely on him for bigger projects.

It is necessary to figure out if the provider is capable of handling the bulk of work that you are looking to outsource. Halfway through, if he fails to deliver, you will probably stop working with him, but more importantly you will disappoint your client! So, take adequate references and cross check claims to verify them.

A web development company’s portfolio is important. So browse through the portfolio and check if the services provided so far match your criteria. To be on the safer side, do not tie up with a company who hasn’t worked on a certain technology yet and plan to start with you!

Be fair and keep reasonable targets and set adequate timelines. Keeping clear channels of communication helps maintain a healthy partnership, from which both parties stand to gain.


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