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Responsive Web Design for Sustainable Business Growth

Responsive Web Design for Sustainable Business Growth
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In modern times, online businesses generate more revenue than offline businesses. There are mainly two reasons for this. First one is globalization of market. Today you can be a company situated in Australia serving a client somewhere in UK on a daily basis. It was almost unimaginable 50 ago, when most of the markets were within a 100-200 km radius. Now it has expanded all over the world. Another reason which is getting much prominence after the evolution of modern web development is the online presence of a company. If you study the market you will surely find the most reputed and profit generating companies always have a strong web presence. To put it simply, the more the target audience, the customers see you around, the more they will be interested in you. Visibility is key.

Responsive Web Design:

Out of the many technologies used today to establish this goal, this is one that will surely get you more potential customers.  It is one of the most current topics of web design technology which is generating a lot of news. It is known as the Responsive Web Design or RWD.

Basic Overview:

As the name suggests, it is a type of web design tactic that is responsive to different devices with varied screen resolutions. There are many browsers in the world and there are also many platforms these browsers work on. There are PCs which have monitors. The monitors also come in different sizes and resolutions. There are also the new generation computers like notebooks. The latest mobile phones and smart phones are now coming with high functionality browsers. To add to the list, there are different OS and new and updated browsers launched regularly. Responsive Web design enables a website to adjust itself according to the specification of the browser, without the need to create different websites to cater to the different segments of users.

Potential Contribution to Business Growth:

Suppose you have a website for your business purposes. You want that website to be completely accessible and usable in each and every browser in the world. Here the critical factors come into play. You need a smart and effective solution for your online business, . You need RWD. Using RWD effectively will make your site visible to all the browsers in the world. In other words potential customers from all around the world will be interacting with your online identity. Not only that you now have more control over what information you want to show, how you want to show you and most importantly where to show it. For example you can mention all the good things about your product in a few paragraphs if a potential client is seeing it in a PC browser. On the other hand if you want interested mobile phone using customers then you have to highlight the benefits of your product in the top of the webpage. This is because the mobile browser will show smaller text.


So if you want to get more consumers online just contact an efficient web design company and give them your requirement. They will take care of everything else. You can see the change in business once you go responsive.


Author’s Bio: Soumyadip Saha is an SEO expert who has contributed several writings on this subject. He has explored various aspects of SEO strategies including web designing and other online marketing techniques. You can find more of his articles on his website


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