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Responsive HTML, the new trend!

Responsive HTML, the new trend!
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Day by day, the number of platforms, devices and browsers are growing for accessing the internet. This requires web designs to bring in more innovation to their creations to make them compatible across all platforms and frameworks. Getting connected to the internet to view a website is no more limited to the desktop/laptop but a variety of mobile devices. The young and web traffic is constantly innovation with new devices and browsers. This calls for flexible websites which are multidimensional, which can fit into any mode it is viewed at. These sites can fit in any screen as per the screen size, or resolution, without affecting the visual quality of the images or font or the overall balance. They are created using responsive HTML to give them a look that is meant for all the latest available devices and browsers. Therefore, these sites do not need to be further developed for mobile or iPad viewership.

Responsive web design requires the use of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. They offer both flexible and a solid design with a neat layout.  Responsive HTML sheets deliver splendid and receptive web designs for your clients with a lesser download time. This is the trend that looks at the future. Internet access is gradually becoming mobile, and more people are hooked on to the net on the go. This trend is only slated for an increase. More than half of the future net surfers will access the web while on the move. To cater to this growing crowd of mobile web users, developers across the world will have to keep pace with this demand and create websites which can be viewed from all possible mobile sources. Until now, only some high end mobile gadgets are used for a limited purpose to access the web. The mobile gadgets range from small screen smart phones, Blackberry, iPhone's to large screen iPads. Therefore, the focus today is on a flexible design that can adapt itself to any device, browser or screen size.

This growing trend is creating awareness on the part of designers as well as programmers. The designers are aiming to create web designs which are compatible with all desktop, laptop or mobile devices, across all browsers. They are shifting towards making responsive layouts by using dynamic templates. The trend of making responsive websites has made a variety of templates becoming available online. Designers can also apply WordPress themes, which offer flexible layouts. Other preferred platforms are Drupal and Joomla. Most of the HTML websites are coded, since they use the new generation HTML5. They are completely future proof and are built keeping the growing diverse user group in mind.

WordWay is one such interactive and unique HTML template for creating different varieties of templates with responsive features. One can choose from a wide option of skins and customize it as per requirement. The use of responsive HTML features also enhances the look of your site. You can create some never-before designs with the exceptional features, which are also SEO compliant. The last feature is especially a key factor in today’s web designs. The templates can be filtered and Ajax powered grid based portfolios created. The quality of the slides is of very high and you can access full screen galleries. There is also the option of using customized scrollbars for the pages of the project. Backgrounds can be customized as per requirement. Menus are available at two levels and there is the option of post and blog pages. Responsive HTML feature allows the use of two blog layouts for the designing of a website.

In brief, responsive HTML offers you the most inexpensive maintenance facilities and scores high on the quick development of the various version of a website. The site retains the high visual quality no matter where it is viewed from – be it desktop or mobile devices. The site has one uniform design for all purposes.


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