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Basics of Website Design

Basics of Website Design
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Are you looking for a good company to hand over your web design project? Well, with so many web design companies around it can be a daunting task to find out the best company. While some companies offer web design service at an affordable rate, some other charges a good deal of money for it as their web design packages come with a lot of advanced services. Even if spending more money is not a big deal for you it is crucial to ensure that the service you get is worth your investment.

You may not be an expert in designing a website but you should have an idea about the basics of website design so that you can understand whether the company you have hired has done a good job.

Go through the following points to learn about the basics of web design and development.

Keep it Simple: This is the first condition of a good website. Overcrowding a website with lots of images is not a good idea. If a website is simple and beautiful it will be easier for people to remember about it.

Use of Relevant Image: Make sure that the images used in your site are relevant to your business. For example if you run a hotel in a hill station, a beautiful image of a sea shore is not going to help you in any way even if the image is relevant to ‘travel’ as a whole, it is not specific to your business.

Use of Informative Content: When people visit your site they want to know about your business, the services you offer, the products you sale, the way you deal with clients, the payment options and so on. It is crucial to ensure that your website contains all the necessary information.

Use Keyword Enriched Content: Using informative content is not enough. It is very important to use keyword enriched content. If you have a business of bakery, the content of your site may have keywords like bakery, biscuits, cookies etc.

Loading Time: Even if your site looks great, has relevant image and contains keyword enriched content it will not impress your target audience if it takes a lot of time to load. The viewer will move on to your competitor’s site.

Easy Navigation: Your website should be easily navigable. Remember all visitors are not experts. They are not even regular users. They should be able to quickly find what they are looking for. Otherwise they will leave your site.

Depending on the web design firms completely is not a wise decision. Show them that you are familiar with the basics. When they know that you have enough knowledge to judge their work, they will design a great website for you.


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