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A web design and development company, worth its name, should be able to consider your firm’s concerns clinically, get the situation at hand analyzed by experts, and offer precise solution to curb and maneuver the crisis and pull you out of it. And it does not end there. It should be able to position you in a manner that helps you reach the heights you deserve, given your strengths.

Google the keywords and you get millions of results for web design and development company, web design company, or web development company India. Most of these companies do decent work in terms of web design and development. And yet, there are few who are chosen over the others. So, what exactly are the parameters that determine why a client would choose your company as a web development partner? Let’s review some potential factors.

A primary factor of course is how you deal with a client’s first contact. Your initial approach speaks volumes about your communication channels, your professional attitude (or lack of it!) and how eager are you to convert the warm lead into a customer. More often than not, how you deal with this first query is how you tackle business queries that need to be responded to. A professional company would immediately acknowledge the query and assure a response within a timeline. And of course, follow it up with a response within the promised timeline.

A significant factor is the business development skills of your company. A person with sound knowledge, lacking the skill to put it across the table in a meaningful way is a half hearted approach. Your client will not make an attempt to understand what wonders you can do to his business. On the other hand, believe it or not, a BDM, who is an orator, means business and aims to close the deal. He will sense the pulse of the potential client and will know exactly what to say to get the work. Ultimately, you need business to showcase your excellence!

A key pointer to the service level excellence of a company is the percentage of repeat customers he trades with. While this may be slightly misleading for retail businesses, it will say a great deal for companies who do volume work for a client. A testimonial in the form of a couple of black and white lines can be inadequate to judge the true feedback of the service provider. You would know better if you see the client continues to avail the services for future assignments.

One of the fundamental reasons companies, big and small, trade with offshore companies is to get work done at an economical rate retaining the quality of service. The latter is what would drive a client to choose a vendor or a provider. So you get work from the impressive portfolio you display, and it should showcase the best of what you have done in the past. Both in terms of the effectively focusing on your strengths and equally showing the variety of tasks you have achieved.

Let you work and your clients speak for you, instead of tall claims that remain unwarranted. This is what iAdroit believes in, and continues to practice.


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