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Build and host a website for free in Google sites

Build and host a website for free in Google sites
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With the increasing use of computers, networking is also not far behind. Among the premier internet companies, Google holds the top spot because of its popularity. Very few people are aware of the fact that Google has launched “Google Sites” which lets you build and host a website for free.

You can start here:

Some of the inherent advantages of Hosting and building Google sites are

  • Single page creation
  • No requirement of HTML
  • Make it as per your requirement
  • Get it started with templates
  • Embed rich content

The aim of the Google sites is for helping someone in creating a team-oriented site. This can be simultaneously used by a number of people with a collaborative approach of sharing files.

Though it offers a lot of advantages but still has a number limitations, like

  • Limited amount of storage space of about 100 MB
  • 25 GB of storage space is kept for Google Application users
  • There is limited use of HTML coding
  • Very limited number of e-store capabilities
  • Facility of displaying a custom domain is the most visited site and this helps it to earn a large number of revenue through advertisement. With the increasing number of visitors, business of all types should naturally focus on Google. This will help to make their website familiar among a growing number of first time visitors.

With the increasing number of acquisitions, Google has indirectly helped its user in getting a number of products along with its added benefits. The services of most of these products can be used at free of cost. If your website is really good in terms of overall quality, then it is sure to be highlighted by Google and it will help the owner of a website to earn more revenue. Among other competitive search engines, Google is said to be the best in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

If you are limited by resources or money, Google sites is the way to go. Publish your website today.


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