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Using guest blogging for search engine optimization

Using guest blogging for search engine optimization
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You see two girls walking down the street that are wearing the exact same dress. One girl is beautiful looking while the other girl is average looking. Which one will you look at? The answer is obviously towards the beautiful girl. The same is the case with guest blogging. If a person constantly blogs average articles then there is every reason for his website to get a negative impact from Google. A person should understand that the articles that get posted in several blogs around the web world should have quality rather than quantity to have a positive impact on search engine optimization.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging has already stood up to the test of time and is considered one of the best strategies for Off-page SEO of various websites. This strategy has been of use by the SEO experts since long back, for the promotion of variety of products and websites. Guest blogging gained more and more importance since the arrival of Google Panda and Google Penguin for building genuine back links for a website. Guest blogging is actually the methodology through which a person posts several unique articles in different blogs owned by different people. This methodology creates a win-win situation for both the blog owner and the blog writer. The blog owner benefits because of the quality article posted in his blog while the blog writer benefits by gaining more traffic towards his own website. But the article should always be unique and definitely of quality otherwise it can be considered as a spam by Google and hence the website will get negatively impacted. This was not the case before Google came out with the Panda and Penguin updates and hence for blog posting quality should always be maintained.

What is the goal of guest blogging?
Just blogging blindly in any of the available blogs will not help to bring in the desired result. A person should always think about the reason behind the blog posting as well as look for the relevant blogs for the posting. If a person is trying to promote a home appliance product then posting in a sports blog will be totally useless and waste of time. A person should also keep in mind the time frame in hand for reaching the goal. Keeping all these things in mind a person can set up strategies like:

• Creating the awareness for the brand among the targeted audience.
• Increasing the traffic of the blog and hence indirectly expanding the reach of the product being marketed.
• Getting the desired quality back links necessary for the improved ranking of the website.
• Creating new connections with fellow bloggers that might come to great use later on as they might share some new blogs for article posting.

Before the arrival of the Google Panda people used blogging to improve raking of a website in various search engines. But honestly very poor strategies were in use for getting improved rankings. Totally worthless articles were posted in various blogs to bring in traffic for the websites. But after the arrival of Panda these strategies have backfired and the policy of posting same articles over and over again in various blogs were considered as spamming and thus resulted in negatively influencing the rankings. It is not only unique content creation that gives a push to the rankings but also finding the right blogs for posting the articles also has a big effect on the rankings. If guest blogging is done correctly then it is sure to generate more traffic, bring in great back links and also help to improve the search engine rankings.

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