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Ten Signs of a Successful Internet Marketer

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internet-marketerIn today’s world, when everything is just a mouse click away, internet marketing is all the more significant in the success of a business. Many great ideas are nipped in the bud because even though there is a niche market for it who would steal the opportunity, the business does not take off because of poor marketing efforts. Marketing needs detailed scheduling, frequent endeavors and in-depth preparation. It requires one to be methodical and meticulous about the approach that would yield best results.

The main objective of internet marketing is to drive traffic to your website, or promote goods and services, capturing leads, and converting those into prospective clients. If you have that precise dexterity to reach out to the people who are looking for you, internet offers boundless possibilities to grow a business.

The internet is full of SEO Gurus working tirelessly to promote - goods, services and what not! While most perform average, why some of the internet marketers show amazing results to a campaign is what makes them unique. The most successful Internet marketers have a few traits in common. Not all of them are born with those traits, but they work on them, develop on their skills to eventually grow into successful marketers. Most organizations support the growth of in house marketers because they value their contribution and what it can bring on the table down the line. Evaluate yourself to see if you got what it takes to be among this bunch of experts someday.

  • Working on the internet may seem like an easy deal to people who don’t work in this environment. And they are quite right, and yet, far from the truth. Internet marketing becomes a lot easier for those who continuously strive to expand their circle of friends, colleagues and followers. Unless you are known to people or are in their connections, you will not have an audience to promote your goods/services to. Therefore, an excellent web presence is a must-have for a successful internet marketer. This requires associating yourself with great informative content on the internet that people find useful, and automatically want to follow/befriend you. A top rung internet marketer would ideally have his or her own website, blog, be guest posting on a ton of other websites, and be sharing reviews, and be thinking aloud. The question is, are you?
  • An Internet marketer worth his name is a news seeker. He is always looking for the latest news in his field. He is a voracious reader, a tactful researcher, and someone who can deftly pen his thoughts. He shares his views and compares opinions to present a fair and unbiased argument.
  • The best internet marketers write the best content on the web. No! That’s not quite so! But they are amazing writers and claim immense authority and credibility on what they produce. They include strong references, cross reference fellow writers, offer due credit to borrowed content (media files, like mages, videos or infographic etc.), and are always original. Although this does not happen in a day, growing your content authority and authorship credibility needs hard work and can be gradually developed.
  • As an internet marketer you are a multifaceted personality, a bit of a techie, an outgoing soul, who meets and greets, speaks and learns, who loves gadgets and digs into apps, listens and shares. You are essentially a people’s person who isn’t shy of reaching out and chiming in.
  • You know you are on the right track if a substantial part of your day is spent on social media engagements. And I mean a meticulous and strategic social media presence. An efficient internet marketer spends this precious time in meaningful socializing - growing his circle, participating in communities/ forums, sharing thoughts in trending discussions, responding to inquiries, and engaging with the latest in his or her circle. He is a regular on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other such powerful social media platforms.
  • Besides being on social media, and when you aren’t writing or speaking (as a Guest speaker), you are a social bloke who is pretty prominent in your community both physically and virtually. You are present in meetings, conferences in town, annual meets and the corporate dinners. You are also a familiar face in workshops and seminars. Additionally, you participate in all major virtual events, discussion and forum engagements from time to time. That’s how more people get to know about you.
  • Internet marketers are problem solvers! What we essentially do is look at a project, analyze what’s good and what needs improvement, and then fix what needs fixing, and improve what’s good. The trick is to be found where people could need that content. And the ones who do this successfully think out of the box and are great problem solvers. It does not require one to be a mathematical genius, but they (geniuses they are!) effortlessly resolve simple issues one by one, and effectively generate positive results over time.
  • Every top internet marketer has (and even the budding SEOs are compelled today) to up-skill themselves with some analytical skills. We deal with a host of tools (such as the Google Webmaster and Analytics) to analyze website conversion rates and traffic, and the overall search engine behavior. This involves quite a bit of number crunching, and makes it imperative to develop an analytical bent of mind to make accurate analysis.
  • A good sense of humor makes an internet marketer pleasant and popular. Adding humor to facts, arguments and opinions can be a lethal combination – and a recipe for a killer content.
  • And a competent internet marketer is always learning. With each passing day and every new assignment, you get better and better. Experience is key, and so is the knowledge of the latest developments in the field. Web Search is volatile, and search engines are evolving every day. It is extremely important to know what is happening in the SEO world. For beginners I recommend joining a Digital marketing agency as a trainee and learning the tricks of the trade. You may also enroll yourself to online courses that offer great curriculum to educate budding marketers on what they need to consider while formulating a digital marketing strategy for a promotional campaign.

So by now you know exactly where you stand! And if you think you may be behind on a few of those traits we discussed above, not to worry as most of these are trainable. Start making the positive changes, do what you need to do, and see yourself grow!


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