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Special Corporate Celebrations before New Year

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Holiday parties are meant to be special and exciting! When we are talking about corporate parties and holidays, it has to be electric! Are you planning to induce some thrill to your company Christmas celebration this year? During this time of the year shortly after the Thanksgiving/Halloween, employees generally go on leave. So here are ways to engage and keep your staff committed during the festivities. The trick is to make the workplace fun-filled, exclusively for this part of the year. Official festive celebrations should be interesting, entertaining as well focus on attendance. Corporate holiday soiree is just a way to bring all the employees together, engage them in an enjoyable and fun-filled atmosphere, and enhance their attachment with the company. It should be a perfect way to do away with all the work related stress and allow the employees to have fun! Here are few ways to make a memorable office celebration this season.

Office Party: One of the most popular ways of festive celebration at work, there are options galore to make it a memorable corporate event. Venue, budget and attendees are specifically important in office parties. You can organize the party in a posh condominium or simply in your office premises. Often companies hire party planners or the HR of the company organizes it. Both in-house parties as well as those arranged at popular city venues are popular.

Office party themes are very appealing. Themes which instantly add thrill to the holiday mood are the white Christmas, masquerade ball, the chocolate factory, Christmas around the world, High School prom, to name a few. Costume parties are also an instant hit.

Gifts: Let your imagination flow. Gift ideas like chocolates, gift vouchers, gift cards, gadgets, mugs, office emergency kit, are common. A dash of innovation can bring about a difference to how your employees perceive you. You could assign managers to plan customized gifts for your employees. Besides, a surprise barbeque, a pizza party and other such activities are fun and can make the festive week even more exhilarating for your employees! Announce some instant awards like the best dressed, the most popular, the biggest risk taker, the first responder, trash can award, and so forth. It involves the entire team, is unpredictable and enjoyable. And they are great ways through which employees get to interact more amongst themselves.

Excursions can be equally gratifying for employees! Choose a convenient location, be it close or distant. Plan in advance, book a nice venue, make proper pick-up and drop arrangements, food and supplies, and plan activities to spend the day in absolute fun and frolic during the New Year holidays.

A Holiday group snap or a Video: Holiday snap or a video is one of the best ways to celebrate as well as acknowledge your employees. Say cheese and capture the delightful moments and make them unforgettable! It’s particularly great for growing companies to look back at the moments they shared together! Also, your clients, visitors and customers will appreciate this master stroke completely! Arrange for a slideshow - ask your employees to provide you with their childhood snaps and put up a fun-filled slide show in the evening. You can also include their pictures taken all through the year in this slide show. The best way to do this would be to ask each member to submit one funny pic of their team member that they wouldn’t want others to see. Once the slideshow is on, just capture the reaction of the audience!

Lets celebrate with the less privileged this festive week. Make this holiday season more memorable by volunteering. Giving and gifting to the under-privileged can be immensely satisfying and gratifying. And as an organization, there is a social responsibility to do the best we can for those around us. Sponsor a child, treat an elderly, educate a child, help a family, distribute clothes, food - there is so much we could do. A very small contribution by each of us put together can be a substantial move. An initiative like this is an excellent way to bring people together and makes us realize what is truly significant in life.

So you have it. Make the most of the remaining festivities. Make the celebrations special this year by making your corporate festivities fun, meaningful and memorable. Your employees will appreciate though thoughtful gesture and will emerge more loyal and content for being a part of the organization. And it will keep them charged up for another great year!

See you next year!


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