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Social Media Marketing: Tradeoff between Face book and Google+

Social Media Marketing: Tradeoff between Face book and Google+
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At an age where Google is ruling the world of internet, it is interesting to see that FB has become the single most popular social media networking site, over Google’s Orkut. However, with the advent of Google+ -- Google’s new social media site, it is an attempt to show how Google still dictates the market. With Google’s new site, and the introduction of some of the latest features, it sure has created lot of noise in the virtual world, with millions subscribing to it daily. To understand the deeper implication, it also helps them remain attached to the brand and thereby remain connected to the vast network of Google community, now with a single sign in.

There was an age when came several social community sites like Tweeter, LinkedIn, etc. However, even with a substantial amount of subscribers, they fail to be a part of the race, with Facebook going the closest to the pioneer – Google.

The most remarkable thing about Google is that it has attained such a stage where it sets the mark. It decides what should work and what should not. Google’s indexes are considered worldwide, and all SEO are aimed at multiplying their presence in order to be indexed by Google. The future lies with Google, because it has multiple advantages. Google has the maximum number of subscribers in its email account, Picasa web albums, and search engine. Now they are all brought together with a single sing-in. Facebook remains highly popular, and may continue to remain so, Google has united all its subscribers and therefore will rule the web world by combining the whole community into one. Now with Google+, it is one more step to be connected to the world and be introduced to the largest virtual community.

When subscribing to Google+, look out for some of the key features introduced like the concept of Circles, Hangouts, Spark, Huddle etc. These apart, Google+ has made instant video uploads far easier. While Circles has led to easier access to sharing information; this could be in the form of a post or a photo. The other interesting option is of interactions with live videos, made possible by webcams. Introduction of Spark makes it easy for users to collect and share information of related materials and keywords, a feature which the Facebook never had. Something similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ is Google +1.

Subscribing with Google+ has various other significant pluses like getting integrated with the widely used Google services. Even Mobile Application gets much better. Friend management is far better in Google+ over Facebook. What’s new is the super strong group chat features with Hangout. In fact there are more options of personalizing your information and the best feature is the segregation of information. It is perfect when it comes to sharing personal information and restricting that with your business contacts. So you decide who to share what information with. And of course with Google comes better protection of your personal data.

In spite of all this, Face book has a few advantages, like allowing businesses, organizations and groups to join together, which is not available in Google+ till now. This should be addressed at once, since online business is taking the help of various useful services of social service networks.


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