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Latest SEO Techniques in the market 2012′ & what is “Bad Link building” practice

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Searching the internet is increasing at a lightning speed and a new advancement is being announced almost every month on the technology front. Instances like Google is bringing real time search and Bing results being displayed by Yahoo are to name a few. This trend is known as semantic markup. It is going to be seen increasingly in the future among both the user groups and also among the search engines giants. Use of semantic markup is a program which helps the machines to read and understand data.

The use of Micro formats using semantic markup is another technique that, to a great extent, advances your search engine visibility. Put simply, they are a way to format, structure and interpret data from the HTML language. What it does is, it helps the search engines to interpret the kind of data you display on your website, and in turn display the same in relevant search results. This process can be implemented with the existing HTML codes that we use in our websites with our CSS model.

A significant achievement has been achieved with the introduction of HTML5. Though this is yet to replace the earlier versions, and it is not even intended to happen; however, this latest version of HTML is an improvement which in particular helps the search engines with its multiple tags. As we know, search engines do not understand our language, they follow the HTML of the site to interpret the kind of content the site has, and which category it falls under. With the availability of more tags in HTML5, it only improves the visibility of a site with multiple tags used to denote header, navigation, body, footer and so on.

Blogging remains a very critical part in SEO. This is acknowledged by websites across the web as a way to improve the site’s ranking. However, of course, this too needs some careful consideration. While blogs are very popular among users, it is best put up on a Blog site which is known to be of acclaim in the respective field, and is visited by reputed Bloggers. This would ensure that your blog is among the top sites widely visited by users, and in turn will pass some of its link value to yours. It is also recommended that you allow guest blogging that allows more people to interact, share comments and especially welcome comments link-rich posts from acclaimed guest bloggers. You can also get interviewed, create news and press releases to share your thoughts on the field of your expertise. These help to make your blog informative, unique and generate a certain amount of curiosity among the audiences. They can be used as powerful links that track back to your website. These trackbacks improve traffic on websites, and help create permanent links that lead to your site. It is a good idea to include your brand logo, relevant images and tag lines that define your site in your media releases, to be picked up by the media. Popularizing such interviews, announcement or press releases has only got easier with the frenzy around social media networks. Therefore, make the full use of it while the fever lasts, and use the social media to spread the news!

And while you DO all the above, DO NOT forget to work on the broken links. The latter could take away the merit of all your hard work around enriching the structure and content of your site. Ensure your site has neither an incoming nor an out-going broken link, or link to irrelevant sites with lower link value. This will be detrimental to your site’s health as the link value will be shared with lesser category sites diminishing your ranking.


Malpractices of lin building

Malpractices of link building

While the above are some structural ways to improve the technical part of your website to make it more search engine friendly, there are a few steps that could be taken to improve upon the content of your website. A key element here is the inclusion of video site-maps. We are already aware of the success of videos with both the users and websites alike. What gives kick to your website ranking is a video site map. This was originally initiated by Google for the hearing impaired to have text alternative in addition to the audio visual display. However, this greatly adds to the interpretation of the video content and links it to your website. It is almost immaterial whether you host the video on your own website server, or if you host it on an external server like YouTube. You can directly link it to a video site for putting some weight behind in improving the quality of the content in an SEO as well for ordinary users or blog sites. To further refine this step, conduct regular broken links check on your site, and work on fixing and/or removing them. Ensure that your 404 error pages are customized to look like the rest of the other web pages. And implement necessary 301 redirects. The last point features on top of the list while prioritizing the Do’s and Don’ts on your site to improve your SEO.

Use of Wikipedia is a good way to highlight and link your site as they have high importance and relevance on major search engines. When creating a wiki, link your website intelligently without mindless banter, else the content could be banned and the wiki removed. Similar steps include creating eBooks. eBooks generally are highly valued and have high ranking, so meticulous link to your website could be helpful in increasing your site ranking. Other measures could include posting on authority sites, sharing your comments and participating in the discussions on popular forums. This could make you a visible face on popular forums, and add back links to your website.

Follow the latest Trends in your Field

Before you begin the task of SEO, you may choose to go for a brief research to get some clue about the latest trends ruling your field of business/ expertise. Real-Time Google analytics could help you with this. They have come up with some forward looking tricks in the matters of internet marketing for the benefit of all. Following Google Analytics could add flexibility to your SEO content as well as ads, making them more responsive to the changing taste and requirement of the visitors. There is also the option of getting access to page view history to gauge what your visitors are mostly interested in, so that you could focus on working on the strength of your site, and develop on the weaker aspect as well. You will be able to place your content as well the keywords among top referrals, active pages, locations in the number one rank.  The referral suggestion lets you take help of social media networks like Twitter, Face book or Google+. It gives more emphasis on real time responsiveness, be it advertising or getting hooked on social media.

So needless to mention - it would be a prudent idea to sail with the wind staying afloat with Google analytics rather than swim in the opposite direction and meet doomsday of packing our bags and leaving!


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