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An “About Us’’ page that invites high traffic for your website

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Tips for 'About Us' pageAs per Google Analytics, the ‘About Us’ page on a website is one of the most oft visited pages, attracting high traffic. The page is a significant section of a website to tell your story in a nutshell. It contains critical information like a brief about the company, the business, and the USPs of the business that makes it different from its competitors. As such, it will not be a far cry to state that this page decides whether the visitor wants to browse further, or if the page has failed to create an impressive first impression on the visitor. That makes it incredibly important for webmasters to design and arm this page with information, data, features and content, interesting enough for a visitor to want to know more. A slight neglect to this page can result in huge losses in terms of visitor exiting from the page without browsing further.

Crafting an excellent ‘about’ page that would hook visitors is not simple. Haphazard information on this vital section of a webpage that doesn’t sync together can cause sudden drop in call to action – such as declining a probable purchase, or not signing up for a newsletter, or simply a drop in page visits and visitor engagement. Inadequate care to this page can wreck havoc. Therefore, think about what do we need on an About Us page. We may start by answering simple questions. To begin with, who reads an ‘about’ page? Well they would not be regular users of your website. Your audience will be mostly first time visitors, referral traffic and visitors who desire to work with you. So, how to create a catchy About Us page? Keeping the three types of audiences in mind, here are some essential tips to create a striking about us page.

As per Lorrie Thomas, web marketing expert, author and speaker, ‘try to stay away from composing a soliloquy in about page’. A dramatic narration of about us is a big turn off. Rather walk that extra mile to establish a connection with your site visitors. Unlike B to B, in the current context P to P (people to people) is the matter of the moment. Relationship building is pivotal as clients are more eager to know you - the human figure behind the business, who they can appreciate and trust.

At the same time, remember your client is equally interested to know what you and your company can do for them. Hence avoid using too many industry jargons.

Keep the about page straight and simple. For, if people fail to decipher your company offerings, how can they be sure they need your services in the first place?

Therefore, the words of wisdom are - have an interesting about us page by getting rid of business lingo and make a smart yet easy copy that your target audience can relate to.

Personally, I feel if someone has a great story to narrate that talk a lot about the creation of the product and services, do insert it in this section to make it unique and compelling at the same time. So if you have something interesting to share about your company, your initial days of struggle, this is the page you want it to appear on.

There are About Us pages that include customer testimonials. It is a verification that your services are recommended by your clientele, and they endorse you. Instead of making lot of self talk, like how awesome your company is blah-blah-blah, customer testimonials build reliability, credibility and trust.

Merge social media in about page. It’s not only a favorable business strategy, but quite a cool one. Elizabeth Hannan, president and founder of Blue Blazing Media, calls marketing for your company via social media “soft selling”. Posting self videos, company videos, inserting social share buttons and linking to your blog in about page are some of the smartest business moves that a webmaster can do in terms of marketing his business to his audience, given this page has a high traffic. Potential first time visitors might not buy your product at the first go. But they for sure will check your about page. And that might lead them to your social media business pages just to check your social interactions with your customers. If they find the entire experience genuine and intriguing, chances are they might connect with your company. We all want to be doubly sure before making that purchase, isn’t it?

To make it stand out, you can add your main product and/or service description on this page. Also, you can tell your site visitors to subscribe to your blog. This works great for those who have a blog and looking for visitors. This is just about the right spot for your email sign up forms.

To sum up, a striking ‘About’ page of a website should have a summary of 1 to 2 paragraphs that runs through the company and its services. To make it look enriching, you can add biographies of the people connected with the website, site traffic statistics and flattering numbers, how easily readers can catch-up with you, your past clients, technologies used in your website or web app, your immediate mailing and contact details, links to social media and other websites, if any. And this does not mean you will put all you have to say to your visitors on this page. If it gets tough to decide what to put and what not to put on your About Us page, appoint a qualified web designer to introduce the necessary changes.

What do you think? Have you given so much thought to your ‘’about’’ page? If not, now is the time. Going unconventional can be hard, but it can provide a positive outcome for your brand in return.


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