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The economics behind outsourcing – Website Development Projects

The economics behind outsourcing – Website Development Projects
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Do the words outsourcing and economical go hand in hand??....YES!

I think inclusion of the economic concept in the definition of outsourcing is necessary. It should not only refer to the process of subcontracting non-core business activities, but also mention the cost-effective solution involved in it.

A company tries to be economical in saving its huge operation costs, involved in space purchase, rentals, hiring equipments, allowances and bonus given to its employees. But being economical doesn’t make source companies to make compromise with the quality. They would rather stress on value rather than the quantity outsourced. The company also tries to avail the advantages of the economic differences while outsourcing website development. Costs including overhead and operations can be drastically reduced, without compromising with the quality of the job.

Economic benefits enjoyed by the outsourced company in outsourcing a website development project can be as follows;

Firstly, the opportunity cost in outsourcing a website development project is less, compared to onsite development.

Secondly, the comparative advantage in outsourcing a web development project is in getting access to talent, total quality management and gaining a cost effective solution.

Finally, the non-monetary benefit involved in outsourcing is gaining additional knowledge.

The term ‘economical’ may not only refer to money, but also time. Outsourcing can also gain an economical advantage with respect to time.  A company involved in outsourcing website development projects to countries situated in different time zones, can excel in time management on work completion.

Companies totally dependent on website for their business cannot afford to choose a third party firm, non-compliant with major web development standards.  The service provider should be well- versed with front end development, SEO, web graphic development, interface development and authoring. For example, outsourcing a task like search engine optimization is meant to increase SERP rankings, and to increase a website’s visibility to the internet users. The balancing act between being economical, and finding ways to augment search engine result page ranking is a herculean task for the outsourcing company.  Therefore, an outsourcing company should always opt for a service provider; having a pool of experienced developers, robust communication facilities, video testimonials of preferred clients to track on previous projects and strictly adheres to delivery deadline.

A professional company like iadroit can take care of all the core tasks involved in a web development project. Through a pool of skilled employees who deliver high quality work, iadroit fully complies with the latest web development standards.  It allows the outsourcing company to reduce its operating expenses, enabling them to further concentrate on their core competencies.


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