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Low cost website support and maintenance service

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Outsource website Support and Maintenance service

Opt for professional website maintenance service

Post website design and development, the next big thing that a business needs to worry about is its maintenance. Website creation and maintenance go hand in hand. With lots of algorithmic changes and facilities that the search engines provide to the new businesses, investment on website maintenance is utmost important! Not to forget, a website is the worldwide window for a business. No matter how well planned and organized your site is, periodical website update is a prerequisite to protect the site from bugs and malware, keep the theme and plugins up-to-date, and for upkeep of fresh content. These factors are key in  attracting the target audience, offer new information and service updates, feed fresh inputs for search engine performance.

Most businesses, especially start ups, do not assess the importance of website maintenance services well enough until they are in trouble. Working on a tight budget, allocating funds on website maintenance costs is a dilemma many face. However, once you know the impact of proper website maintenance services, and more importantly the price of not paying attention to this seemingly unimportant area, you could be silently missing out on visits and experience a dwindling visitor experience feedback.

Website support and maintenance can be broadly classified into two types - the proactive kind and the reactive kind. The proactive process essentially keeps a website updated with relevant information, by editing and altering content, upgrading offers and services and upgrade technical add-ons and eliminating risk of being compromised by a hacker. This operation ensures a smooth operation of the website!

The second process is one when your professional support team can jump into action whenever your website is compromised or there is an external threat or intrusion. Most webmasters do not pay attention until this situation occurs. In reality, chances of this occurrence can be curbed and controlled with proper maintenance of your website.

Professional website maintenance services include an array of responsibilities that can adequately deal with both the preventive as well as corrective areas of website support services. From analyzing the current status of your website based on marketing and other visual attributes, to content and image update, content management, bug testing, adding and deleting new and dated pages of the website, the team takes care of the graphic works like icon and banner ad development, creative designs, developing flash banners etc.

Most business owners are hard pressed for time as a result of which maintenance of websites take a back seat. If you have a website, the following best practices apply to all webmasters to keep their website functioning effectively:

  • Always maintain a backup of your website files and database
  • Keep an eye on your domain expiration date
  • Update the CMS with plugins and new software
  • Make sure your website pages are loading without 404 errors
  • Verify the contact form and tracking numbers
  • Conduct manual as well as automated security scans and review their results
  • See if your website is displaying in all the different browsers and devices properly
  • Check your website's page loading speed with Google PageSpeed Insight
  • Update your website content regularly to reflect relevance
  • Make sure all images are up-to-date and tagged

The cost for website maintenance depends on the complexity, its architecture and the security requirements of the website. As you can well understand that this intricate work needs to be in the hands of expert professionals who are adept at handling such issues effectively and efficiently. An investment in professional website maintenance service is a need of a website, not an option. The expert team of professionals know what is needed to ensure your website function 24*7, offering solutions and support in times of critical issues or technical glitches.

Outsourcing website maintenance to a reliable partner in India can help you achieve the cost advantage you seek, while at the same time, helping you to concentrate on your core business area. By entrusting the job to a professional website maintenance company, your website is at the safe hands where modification, alteration and updation are done intermittently with latest technologies and tools to provide quality work! So choose wisely and ask questions.

A website should be updated ever so often otherwise it becomes nothing but a dead and boring brochure adding no value to your business. More importantly, it becomes a potent threat as outdated tools and plugins are easy targets of hackers. The daily tasks of a dedicated team in website maintenance include, but aren't limited to:

  • Content updation by adding fresh content (text and media), modifying the existing one and deleting the outdated one
  • Updating images, icons, animations and graphic works by adding new ones or changing the existing ones from the galleries and albums
  • Adding new pages as relevant
  • Deleting the old outdated pages
  • Fixing broken pages
  • Upgrading the website design and enhancements
  • Inserting new features to your website
  • Bug testing – broken links, missing links, forms, spell check, faulty and unnecessary codes, checking the shopping cart etc.
  • Generating ranking reports, assessing website speed and page performance
  • Updating prices of products and modifying the terms related to services and products
  • Newsletter creation and thereby maintaining it
  • Developing flash banners
  • Developing product/service demos
  • Managing your FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • And keep your website interactive to capture maximum attention and clients

Choose a partner that can offer the following.

  • Quick action against threats and external attacks to restore website functions
  • Well trained webmasters
  • Priority service
  • Dedicated resource handling your website updates
  • Check that the website maintenance pricing structure are affordable
  • If a huge website, may want to charge by the hour.
  • As we offer multiple services on website maintenance, providing us with an assignment saves your time from interacting with multiple vendors on various issues
  • We offer annual as well as one time support
  • We work as per your requirements
  • You won’t find any upgrade and alteration incompetent
  • We also take care of your Facebook and other social pages
  • We strongly discourage third party intervention
  • You can cancel agreement anytime with just a month’s notice

iAdroit offers comprehensive services on website maintenance that are fast yet reliable! The most distinguishing factor is the unbelievable cost advantage to White Label partners, where an agency outsources its website maintenance projects at rates as low as $100 a month! iAdroit website maintenance packages are tailor-made for you to meet your maintenance requirements, at the same time protect your investment completely!! Feel free to get in touch with us and discuss your needs, as simple or as complex they may be.


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