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Leap Motion development in India

Leap Motion development in India
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Leap Motion technology is at its very nascent stage. The Air Space app store was released in late August 2013. Interestingly, iAdroit started developing games and apps much before that. Thanks to our client Cantrell Solutions, for whom we had started building Leap Motion apps and games from July onwards.

The company was founded in USA in 2010 and have been operating in stealth mode till July 2013. The company started taking pre-orders from 2012 and started rolling out Leap Motion Controllers ( the device needed to sense hand movements) only from July 2013. The app store was released on 21st August 2013. The technology is indeed that new!

Obviously, in order to develop application in this new technology, one would need the controller called "LEAP MOTION CONTROLLER". We are lucky that we were probably one of the first few who received the controller so early because the company is still delivering pre-orders. In fact here again, our client partner, sent us the pre-ordered controller that he received before ordering a new one for himself.

When it comes to leap motion app development or leap motion game development, iAdroit  is probably the only company in India who are working on this technology right now. We have already completed one game and are in the process of making many more.  This technology is expected to be the next big craze after iPhone & android.

Our first Leap Motion game, developed for Cantrell Solutions is called Turtle Treat and is ready to be launched in the AirSpace store. Keep an eye for the release sometime in month of October 2013.


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