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Magento eCommerce App for iPhone, iPad & Android devices

Magento eCommerce App for iPhone, iPad & Android devices
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Magento app is an obvious requirement in this era of mobile boom. It is not sufficient to create an eCommerce store. With people accessing the web on the go, it is essential to make your eCommerce store compatible with the latest devices to reach out to the masses. A Magento store serves the purpose to the T. Magento is deemed as one of the best eCommerce solutions. With a Magento app, it goes one step further by offering seamless integration with the online store, and helps customers access the store anytime, anywhere.

The mobile admin allows a ‘wow’ experience to the users with easy and convenient access to the store from multiple devices. The app allows for smooth integration with the entire products range, catalogue, the cart, checkout and even the store analytics. You can manage all the devices with a single installation. This ensures that you don’t need separate apps or individual installation for different devices or gadgets.

The Magento app is fully customizable. One can choose from various features and themes compatible with the device to enhance the look of the app and subsequently the store. The mobile admin is simple and user friendly, and offers an engaging experience to the users.

Finally, the Magento store App has a low cost ownership and maintenance. While you continue to use the app, the back end, ongoing maintenance and submissions can be managed by Magento professionals who take all the technical responsibility of your Magento App for iPhone and Android applications.


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