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Looking forward to Apple’s Latest iPhone 5 Connector

Looking forward to Apple’s Latest iPhone 5 Connector
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Amidst a gradual dip in the market sales of Apple’s iconic creation - the iPhone, news is ripe that the latest version, iPhone 5 will finally enter the market no later than the last quarter of this year. Speculations are doing the rounds about the specification of the new hardware, and how the iPhone will be different from the older versions. In order to make the latest iPhone remain miles ahead of the competition, Apple is silently working on it. News is ripe that a Chinese firm Patronage is manufacturing the latest handset for Apple. They are trying to improve its specs, like software, adding new features like apps and accessories. All this will certainly take the iPhone5 to a much higher level of consumer satisfaction.

Incorporating 4G LTE access technology is an important part of this improvement. It is also said to be first of its kind in comparison to any other smart phone till date. The large 4’inch curved glass screen along with a thinner built body will make it sleeker and crispier than its earlier versions. It will also sport a much larger retina display along with advanced touch tech. Apple’s iPhone 5 is also expected to be powered by a much higher capacity quad-core processor.

Among the major technical improvements of iPhone 5, the 19 pin port smaller dock connector is certainly a noticeable addition. Though, traditional users were accustomed with the existing 30 pin connector, however, experts say that a smaller connector will help to create more internal space. Apple could meticulously utilize that space by putting a larger battery and make the device more powerful. Along with these, the new device will have a relocated headphone jack and redesigned speakers. This device is also rumored to use a smaller and more powerful SIM card. However the rumor is not much about the high capacity processor or the fuel of a powerful RAM but more about the replacement of the old larger pin socket with a much smaller one. Though the small USB port will help it to compete with others but on the other hand it will make earlier purchased peripherals and accessories unusable. The simple answer is that accessories used in iPhone 4S could hardly be used in iPhone5. This will certainly dishearten present users of iPhone, who have just purchased a whole lot of gadgets and are somewhat planning to use them as they receive the delivery of the yet-to-be-launched iPhone 5 in their hand.

The story of this unique dock connector began about two years ago. The patent with the number 8222773 was filed in the year 2010. The new dock is almost similar in look to a micro-USB slot. Apple has given some special touch by converting one of the edges triangular in shape. This is almost similar in nature of tweaking its other products. The newly designed connector will also ensure that the uses do not put the jack in the wrong way. It is a dual use connector with the simultaneous option of charging and data transfer. However the existing iPhone users could experience some financial loss. The existing accessories of iPhone 4S will not be applicable for the new device, since it is a shift from the 30 pin connector to the 19 pin iPhone5 connector.

There is a huge speculation on the price of the new model of iPhone. Sources believe that the price though will depend a bit on the VAT, will be close to £500.00. The iPhone giant even seems to be safeguarding the name of the new device. Yet unclear whether it will be officially named iPhone5 or just the new iPhone, the company has already lodged a complaint against a company using the domain name

With the launch of the new iPhone5, Apple is believed to be introducing some fresh and handy features in the latest model. This is sure to make a lot of existing devices obsolete. On the brighter side of the picture, the thunderbolt connector is almost similar to the one available in the Mac Book Pro. If they match and become compatible with each other, then there should be no problem in terms of high speed data transfer. You will be able to experience crisp and clear audio & video. It will revolutionize the way we use smart phones, though we will have to wait for a while till we get a glimpse of the new hardware and are able to grab one of the Apple’s new device.


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