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Go Smart with iPhone
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So you are planning to buy the new Apple’s iPhone 3G. You are obsessed with it and the only thing you can think of is possessing one. Isn’t it? You are not alone.  iPhone have simply taken over the market and everyone is crazy about it. All that you need to decide is whether to buy a white one or a black one. Another important consideration would be how much storage capacity you want the iPhone to have. Buying an iPhone with more storage capacity is a wise decision because it is going to have more data, games and music stored in it in the long run.

Buying an expensive iPhone is not something that you will do quite often. So you need to protect it properly in order to ensure that it lasts long. Making life easier with iPhone apps may seem wonderful but it is only possible if you take good care of your iPhone.

Here are a few accessories that you can get along with your iPhone. Using them will save your iPhone 3G from getting damaged.

iPhone Case: The first thing to by is an iPhone Case. It will protect your iPhone from getting scratched. Other than saving it from the risk of scratching the case will also give your iPhone protection from jostling and dropping. Different kinds of iPhone cases are available in the market. Some of the common options include:

  • iPhone 3G Leather Cases
  • iPhone 3G Crystal Cases
  • iPhone 3G Socks
  • iPhone 3G Silicon Cases
  • iPhone 3G Back Cover Cases

iPhone Screen Protector: Though in the initial days people used to believe that iPhone comes with a scratch-resistance screen. Unfortunately it is a misconception. The oil on the faces of your finger can be easily transferred to the screen of your favorite phone making it look dirty. So protecting the expensive phone is crucial. Going for a thin plastic screen protector is the ultimate solution for your iPhone.

iPhone 3G Stylus Pen: The next name in the list of accessories is iPhone 3G stylus pen. It will make your use of iPhone a pleasing experience. This pen has been especially designed for touch screen phones. Though this accessory is not a necessary item it will offer you the ease of using an iPhone.

iPhone App Store Programs: The major attraction of iPhone 0.2 software is that it runs on its own support. Isn’t it fun to extend its functionality with iPhone 3G App Store programs such as games, productive aides and blogging tools etc.

With the ongoing iPhone apps development endeavors and the convenience of using the phone people are now more fascinated about this gift of technology.


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