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Graphic icon design

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An icon is the smallest and yet the most powerful symbol that people recognize about your brand. No wonder, we crave for an icon that stands apart, is unique in design and most importantly, is capable of correctly portraying our brand image and values we stand by.

Is it really possible for one small image to do carry such a vast responsibility? Yes indeed!

Graphics Icons

Most big brands have a distinguishing logo that instantly remind people of the brand. You do not have to see the entire name on the billboard, nor do you have to see it in usual surroundings. A certain tick mark tells you it’s Nike, even without the name. A leaping panther is Puma. A set of four colored tiles indicates Microsoft. A bitten apple is, well, Apple. No prizes for guessing the brands!

So what makes these logos or icons so widely popular and easy to remember? They are big brands? Yes (But they did not start off this big). They spend a lot of money marketing their Brand? Of course, they do! (But then there are millions of brands that do the same, yet their logos are lost in the pool of countless graphical icons). So what sets them apart? The difference is that these companies also think of propagating a brand. They force people to remember them. They give their target audience simple easy graphics that appeal to their them, and that they can relate to. After a point, the image, the icon represents the brand.

Graphics icon design

How we all want to get to that stage! Put simply, a key differentiator and one of the biggest factors could be your attitude towards your business. A keen eye on building a brand and developing an appropriate corporate image are key to your business’s success. And this step has to be taken at an early stage to give your audience time to get accustomed to who you are.

There are a zillion web design companies who build logos. And there are clients too who approach iAdroit and want a quick logo for their business. However, we take a slightly different approach. We believe in educating our customers and inform them that a logo or a graphic icon for your business is lot more than just a sign. In the years to come, it will be the face of your business; people will recognize you by your logo. Therefore, it needs a very good understanding of your business objectives, you consumer base, your industry and your business style. A logo should be able to conveniently tell people who you are, and what your business stands for. Without it, it is just a symbol with no function.

For your business venture, consult a professional logo artist or a web/graphic design company, where your designer will be able to spend some time analyzing your brand attributes and build you a suitable graphic icon design, an appropriate business logo that gives your audience a compelling message in a subtle way. Because people remember a Brand by its logo.


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