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Verdict 2014: Facebook game launch celebrating 2014 Lok Sabha elections

Verdict 2014: Facebook game launch celebrating 2014 Lok Sabha elections
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With the election season in full fervor in India, virtual play stores are getting flooded with myriad games and apps related to the 2014 Lok Sabha election. While some of them are good, some are very basic. However, each of them in their own way upholds the spirit of the largest democracy that India is. iAdroit takes pride in announcing the launch of its premiere Facebook game "Verdict 2014".

The game is about participating in the Indian Political system to win the coveted Prime Minister’s chair for your favorite PM candidate. There are four main characters as prime ministerial candidates as per the current national trend - Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee. A player can choose his favorite candidate among the four that he would like to see elected, and play on his/her behalf to win maximum number of seats to gain a majority. The game takes the participant through different states of India where he has to fight regional parties, opposition leaders and political agenda of their leaders to win seats.

The game has been highly lauded and appreciated by the Indian television media for its sheer quality and uniqueness. The graphics are of superior quality, and the geographical setting and background images are authentic to each state. The data that the game is based on is genuine and reliable. It appropriately represents the number of seats that have been allocated for the state, the political agenda, and the major challenges and obstacles that the opposition parties project. As such, the game virtually brings to life the true Indian Political scenario to the players. Many who claim to be apolitical and like to stay away from politics in general can actually connect to the present political scenario through this game.

Premiere media houses ("Sahara Samay" and "Zee 24 Ghanta") promptly contacted iAdroit to cover and report the launch of our Android Game, Rahul Vs. Modi Verdict 2014 on the 11th of March. Simultaneously, requests starting pouring in to build a game for non-Android users. This resulted in the subsequent launch of Verdict 2014 on the 28th of March– our Facebook Game on the Indian Lok Sabha Elections. News channels like "Kolkata TV", "Akaash 8" and "Channel 10" have so far reported about the game and touted it as ‘the best game on this genre’.

We are humbled by this unexpected but massive response from all. Encouraged by the huge appreciation from friends, colleagues and followers, we strive to reach higher goals. Our special thanks to the entire Team of iAdroit for taking pride in being a part of this company! There’s more to come and more celebrations to follow.


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