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Rahul Modi Verdict 2014 – Android Game launched by iAdroit

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Elections happen to be a very engrossing affair for all of us here in India. And with the approaching General Elections of 2014, people just can’t get enough of it. So we at iAdroit launched the Rahul vs Modi Verdict 2014 – a game for one and all to indulge in on their Android mobile devices.

Meant for pure fun without any political bias, the game features two major figures - Rahul and Modi – both competing to be the next Prime Minister of the country. And there are multiple caricatures of others political personalities who play the role of opponents and obstacles during the PM candidates’ run for the coveted Chair.

It is a single user game where the player can choose between the two PM candidates, and play on his behalf to win him seats. The game is made as realistic as possible by allowing players to choose a state of his choice or origin, as the case may be. With each level (State) the player accumulates points for his desired party, fighting obstacles from oppositions. At the end of the game, the points are added to the global average score for the respective parties.


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The game is made realistic and hilarious by creating funny characters, fantastic graphics, and authentic geographical background structures based on the state chosen. The political figures are close caricatures of famous political personalities crafted beautifully by deft designers. The Game is also well researched, which is reflected in the fact that each state shows the accurate number of seats to be polled, political agenda, prominent local leaders and a brief of the major issues the parties have to fight for/against. The programmers have done a tremendous job by compiling all the fragments together and developing the game logic.

The Rahul vs Modi Verdict 2014 has been launched on the 11th of March 2014. And it has already caught the fancy of the media. Top state media houses have sat up and taken notice. The game has been cautiously designed to show no political advantage or preference to any party. The players will realize when they play the game that it does not propagate any particular political ideology. So irrespective of political preference of the player, he can simply play the game for the fun of it.

The game is simply an attempt to tingle the funny bones of Indian nationals when the largest democracy goes to polls in May 2014. iAdroit aims to offer our audience a refreshing and enjoyable experience on the go.


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