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Web Design and Development

iAdroit is a leading brand in software and web development with a global presence. We cater exclusively to clients across the US, Canada, UK and Australia. The domains we specialize in are web design, Multimedia, 2D & 3D flash Games, custom theme development, Facebook application, i-phone/Android application and critical Software development. We offer unbeatable website designs, and our development team produces excellent branded solutions giving your company a competitive advantage. What sets us apart is the complete business solution we provide, which goes beyond a spectacular design and a compact robust programming. We work with our clients closely to understand their need, and aim to provide end to end solution for their web based needs. It is the best of what the web can offer.

We are experts in major PHP open source platforms like Magento, Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. We also specialize in mobile applications including I-phone & Android Apps. Our staff strength is among the best in the industry in terms of skill sets, quality and domain expertise. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with our clients which have transformed into very successful and mutually benefitting partnerships.

Web Design and Development iPhone Applications and Android 2D / 3D Games and Animation Search Engine Optimization
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Holiday parties are meant to be special and exciting! When we are talking about corporate parties and holidays, it has to be electric! Are you planning to induce some thrill to your company Christmas celebration this year? During this time of the year shortly after the Thanksgiving/Halloween, employees generally go on leave. So here are ways to engage and keep your staff committed during the festivities. The trick is to make the workplace fun-filled, exclusively for this part of the year. Official festive celebrations should..More

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End to End White Label Web Solutions

We at iAdroit aim to provide end to end solutions for your entire web based requirements, be it a cutting edge web design, a robust coding for your site, a custom programming/development of your website, developing an Android app or iPhone app development or optimizing your website to appear on top of the search page. With an experience of more than seven years in the industry and a workforce with unbeatable domain expertise and experience, we look forward to form a long term business relationship with our clients and deliver quality service to all your web development needs.

At iadroit we realize that with more than a million websites available on the World Wide Web, creating another one to that vast list will not make much of a difference, unless it is supported at every stage to compete with the most prominent ones in the respective sphere of business. The function of a website has also gone through a paradigm shift – from merely providing information for research and knowledge sharing, today, most of the websites which are created mainly aim one goal– business. Therefore, in a way, all websites today are eCommerce sites, which are meant to generate some form of business. There could be a two way approach – while it could be meant to showcase the world the products and services on offer, and pull customers. Alternatively, and more often, the websites themselves are so planned to generate business by themselves. In other words, they are sources of lead generation. In either case, therefore, the ultimate motive of the website is to prepare and present a site which can stand out among the sea of websites and make business happen. This, as easy as it may sound, is not half as smooth, and our clients vouch for that! And, as unbelievable as it may sound, no matter how small or niche the business is, the above applies for every client!

This is where we come in. At iAdroit, our aim is to support a business from start to end, till it is ready to face the ever demanding audience, and mint money. There are several customized strategies that are involved in making it a success.

Imagine this - You go online to visit two of your known electronic repair shop, each site totally opposite to the other – one is a dull site without proper CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), poor topography and look, broken pages, non-existent inner pages etc. The other is a neat website with attractive color schemes, well formatted text and images, easy navigation to inner pages and so on. It is less likely that, even with the first brand equally well known if not more, you will go for it. It is human psychology to choose an option which is more attractive and appealing among the available options, as it poses to be more credible and authentic.

At iAdroit, the cycle of End to End solution starts with a proper understanding of the customer's plan in mind in relation to the business model, which is integral in formulating the strategies for the business. It is followed up by the design phase. With inputs from the client, and in consideration of their style preference, we create the mock ups for the website. Once the design is finalized, including such nuances like the font size and style, the color schemes, the logo design etc, we take a step forward by coding the design into HTML.

With this phase, simultaneously, starts the programming phase. This phase is more critical than most of us realize. While a lot of companies claim to know programming and 'create' a website, with most of programming companies what is missing is the quality of programming, resulting in broken sites with hyperlinks that don't lead anywhere, functions that don’t work the way they are designed and so on. In today's world, when we would go to any length to get a visitor on to your website, losing him because of your unattractive and non-functional site is the last thing you can afford. Further, even search engines fail to crawl a broken site and would jump to the next site. Therefore, choosing the developer for a website should be an informed decision, as a lot depends on the sound programming of your website.

At iAdroit, our job does not end with the development phase. Going back to our example, where we assumed we know about the names of the two service providers; what happens when we have no idea about the market? We search for options on popular search engines.

Bottom-line - It is important for the website to top the search results in order to be in competition.

As mentioned above, the main motive of the website is to make it commercially viable. This is mainly done by optimizing the site on popular search engines. Here again, our SEO professionals are not trained to copy paste links to different websites for 'link building' purposes. The original idea behind this activity is to get traffic on the website. However, what good does it do to draw attention of musicians to a website meant for supplying auto parts? What we need is relevant and genuine traffic that are need of the product or service. Most professional SEO services across the world function on the idea of link building, and end up drawing junk links to the website that do more harm than good. Especially with the launch of new algorithm by major search engines, it is all the more critical to keep the website free from any kind of junk link, non-existent pages which return a '404 Header Response'. In fact sites with such linkages are penalized.

Our professional SEO experts work with a strategy to bring in targeted warm leads to your website through a series of activities, including some innovative measures along with ways like social media marketing, advising rich content for the site, article writing and blog posting. The activities are performed by trained professionals with proven track records. We also work on Local SEO and Hyperlocal SEO. This could be explained as narrowing down the search engine optimization of a particular key word, to bring in highly filtered traffic. This is designed for local businesses who service a very narrow geographical area, and international and national traffic do them no good.

Finally, we share our years of experience in the industry to design strategies for our clients to generate revenue. We believe in simplicity and put our ideas simply. Our business services range from additional revenue generating ideas to up-selling services and cater to a large section of clients who reach out to us for our web design and development services.

We take pride in our client relationships, which are honest, transparent and continuous, because our clients know that we are profitable.

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